Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tooth Chips

So, the Rose of Sharon Acres Tooth Chips sounded really intriguing to me. They were getting great reviews and wanting to go all natural I had to give them a try. At first, the $9, 2oz container seems like a lot of money, but when you break it down, it comes out to a mere $2.25 a month and lasts 4 months, brushing 2x a day. The shipping as fast and Monica was really good with all my questions.

As soon as I got my Tooth Chips in the mail, of course I had to try them - and I did. To be honest, at first I couldn't stand the taste of them but immediately felt a difference in the way my teeth felt. They felt super clean, as if I had just gotten a cleaning at the dentists. I thought to myself, I paid this much for the tooth chips, I might as well use them. It has been a little over a month using them and I can honestly say that I got used to the taste and that my teeth always feel cleaner than if I was using regular tooth paste. I even noticed a difference in morning breath...there was no yucky feeling in my mouth anymore!

When I went home for Christmas I had my parents try the Tooth Chips as well. My little sister, who is 6 wanted to try them and she happened to like them. My dad loved them, but my mom had the same reaction as me. The only reason my parents didn't continue using them is because they use an electric toothbrush and they said they would prefer a paste version of the tooth chips.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Tooth Chips and will continue using them! I am very curious to see what my next dentist appointment will bring!

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