Friday, October 30, 2009


I love the tradeaholics! I just did some fab trades with a few of my friends from our group! I got some gifts but can't post the shops because I don't want these people to know!...

So I got this great necklace from Sparkle Garden

I got apple butter, pumpkin butter and mixed berry jam from First Fruit & Flynn Orchard

Got this great mug from alexmmr

Got these great pendants from artrageous clay

And this isn't everything I got, but I just didn't want to make this post a mile long! More to come later!
Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Craft Fairs / Festivals

I was finally able to attend my first festival October 1-4 this year. I was nervous and excited and had no idea what to expect. Where I live people are more into primitive, country style items and I was scared I would be too "modern" for this audience! I definitely got some mixed reviews! Some people loved my work and said I charged too little while others literally would gasp in front of me and roll their eyes when I would tell them my prices. All in all though, I think I did pretty well. And if I say so myself, I think my booth looked adorable!

Here are some tips for you first timers:
  • Bring $1s
  • Bring a calculator and receipts (good for customers and lets you know what and how much you sold)
  • Bring too many business cards (I ran out, how embarrassing!)
  • Bring bags, small and large!
  • Bring water to keep hydrated and food in case you can't leave the booth
  • Bring some stuff you can work on at the fair - keeps you busy, gets customers curious and lets you make more inventory!
  • Make friends with the people next to you so you can take a potty break and can have them watch your booth for you
  • Bring a variety of items, you never know what people will be interested in!
  • Vary your display height. Keep things interesting to get people into your booth!
  • Dress in layers. You never know when you'll be hot or cold!
  • Don't get discouraged by the people who snob handmade! I've had people literally gasp at me when I would tell them my prices because 2 booths over a lady was selling imported Chinese bags for half my prices. Others though loved my stuff and told me I charged to little
  • Be friendly and always talk to your customers, therefore be prepared for a sore throat after!
What do you do during or to prepare for your fairs/festivals?

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