Saturday, September 27, 2008

Playing Hookey

No, not me, but this etsy seller is! Her shop is Playing Hookey and she makes awesome jewelry holders, jewelry racks, key racks, message boards and more. What I just adore about her stuff is that it isn't painted - it is all wrapped in fabric! Erica not only uses top quality fabrics and hardware, but all her stuff is meticulously put together.

I got the Pink Parlor Jewelry Holder. It has cotton needlepoint canvas to hang your earrings, antique bronze cup hooks to hang watches, bracelets and necklaces. The front is accented with a blue satin ribbon and a fabric flower with a vintage button and lace. The whole thing is finished in the back with ecospun felt.

I absoultely love this jewelry holder and immediately put it up and adorned it with my jewelry. Because of this holder, I put on jewelry everyday. Now that it's all out in front of me it's so much easier to pick out than when it was all thrown into a box.

Before I even got the jewelry holder though, just from Erica's shop, I was inspired to make my own custom jewelry rack just for necklaces (I have way too many from Etsy!) It came out pretty nice for my first one and did take a bit of time and muscle to make. My mom saw it and asked me to make one for my little sister as well. I definitely improved a lot on the second one, but Erica's quality is just supurb - that's why she's selling them and not me!

When I got the jewelry holder though, I showed it to my parents and they thought I bought it from one of those expensive high end trendy furniture stores. I told them Etsy :) My mom just adores it and plans on buying some in the future as gifts. I also think they would make fabulous gifts for not only yourself but for that person who has everything!
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pikaland: The Illustrated Life

I found this great website and store. Pikaland is about everything illustrated. It features different artists and welcomes artists to submit their work to be sent out in the PikaPackage. I have already gotten two Pika Packages and am looking forward to my next one. In both packages, I was so pleased with the artwork - I want to put everything up on my walls, but I literally don't have any more room!

On the site you can see all the profiles of all the artists that send in their work, as well as the work(s) that were sent in. So many artists contribute their work, that you really are surprised on what pieces you get because the PikaPackage comes in either a 4 or 8 item package.

Amy, who started this whole concept is so sweet! She responds to all comments on her blog and lets you know when your PikaPackage is shipped out. It comes all the way from Maylasia which seems to make the package a little bit more special. I just love this and hope to continue getting a package every time one comes out!

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