Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale

I'm having a Black Friday sale that will run from today, 11/24 through Cyber Monday, 11/30. Save 20% in all my shops. Mention 'Black Friday' in the notes to seller. I will be listing new items in the shop (hopefully) the whole weekend. This does not apply to custom work.


Happy Shopping!
Friday, November 20, 2009


Join us at our pre-Black Friday Trade-a-holics SALE $10 weekend! Browse for some awesome $10 and under deals and steals BEFORE the Black Friday rush! The holidays are just right around the corner so this is a fabulous chance to grab some goodies NOW!!!

With out fabulous shops, there is something for EVERYONE!

The sale runs from 12:01 am Friday, November 20th to 12:00 a.m. Monday, November 22nd, Etsy Time (EST).

You can use the team tag “TRADE10” to search for sale items! And browse the thread for team members' special picks!

Here is the list of our participating shops...
0namesleft.etsy.com - handmade pride items, purses, totes, books, journals, and more
2Sleepyheads.etsy.com - Bags of the month, totes, and other sewn goodies
CleanAsAWhistle.etsy.com - Handmade household cleaners, wool dryer balls, and cleaning zine
alicesangeljewelry.etsy.com - handmade necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets
amanda23.etsy.com - handcrafted, one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry
anchorhold.etsy.com -- Crochet goods and stickers
arenacreative.etsy.com - artistic and jeweled creativity
artrageousclay.etsy.com - Unique Ceramic Jewelry Pieces
BeesCreations.etsy.com - Polymer clay jewellery, lip balm and more
boogerandtash.etsy.com - fun accessories and necessities for kids!
cafesugirons.etsy.com - sachets, christmas ornaments, coasters, wine bags and such
candlesbymarla.etsy.com – soy candles
cappysueclay.etsy.com - clay pendants, charms, monsters, fairy homes, mini sculptures and more
chendric.etsy.com - handcrafted fine silver and gemstone jewelry
cherylspurplecow.etsy.com - Beaded, Awareness, and Metal-Free Jewelry, reflections, Vintage, other
chrystalyn.etsy.com - semiprecious jewelry & gemstone holiday fare (wine charms, ornaments)
parallel.etsy.com - gemstone & glass bead jewelry supplies
craftydill.etsy.com - Vintage: pottery, kitchen, dishes, figurines, linens, paper, decor and more
divinecanine.etsy.com pet treats and more for your fur babies!
dutchtouchbeads.etsy.com Artfully Handmade Jewelry
exClamations.etsy.com - Handmade Jewelry
firstfruitsllc.etsy.com - homemade goodies, jams, candies, bath and body
FirstLightGlass.etsy.com - Fused glass jewelry, art and home décor
Funnykindagirl.etsy.com - Fun and Unique Ribbon Characters, Hair Bows, Pins, Ribbon Bookmarks, Headbands, and Ornaments.
GardenGwyn.Etsy.com - Quirky, Elegant, Eclectic & Charm, jewelry for every occasion and whim
GemsandDolls.Etsy.com Soy Candles, Soap, and Gems for your holidays
GirlettesMV.etsy.com - Felt Barrettes, Crowns, Pony tails, Headbands, Holders
handymaiden.etsy.com - hand painted polymer and wood pendants
harvestmoonbyhand.etsy.com - natural toys; window stars; art kits and supplies; patterns; greeting cards; and homeschool resources.
hildeguardslair.etsy.com sale items in trade 10 section of shop, earrings, keychains, cell phone charms
hillsidebakery.etsy.com - fudge, fudge, and new candy listings for the holidays
hillsidebathandbody.etsy.com - goats milk soap and sewn holiday gifts
jerseymaids.etsy.com - polaroid artwork, jewelry, gifts, and more!
jewelzbyjen.etsy.com Handmade jewelry and bookmarks
julibeekitsch.etsy.com - Handmade Jewelry, Accessories, & Gifts
KarolsTreasures.etsy.com - Yarn, Beads and Fabric for your next crafting project
KnotOrdinary.etsy.com - Darling friendship bracelets for all ages!
laurali.etsy.com - Zen/Visionary and Traditional Art (Paintings, Prints, ACEOs, Pendants
LisbonSky.etsy.com - Specializing in affordable eclectic and gorgeous jewelry & accessories.
LittleAlleyCatDesign - Shop Banners, Business Cards, Graphic Design
louisiana1966.etsy.com-upcycled bags,journals,pencil cups,pillows,cup cozies,etc.-everything ecofriendly
Love2Embellish.Etsy.com - Fun paper crafts including: scrapbooks, cards, tags, clipboards and altered journals
ltuarchangel.etsy.com - plantable cards and beaded creations
lucindaramsay.etsy.com - Fun, chic, and customisable accessories.
luckedog.etsy.com - vintage and collectibles
LDCraftSupplies.etsy.com - craft supplies for anything and everything
LDGeneralStore.etsy.com - handmade goodies
MakingsByMary.etsy.com - Bags of all sorts plus crocheted scarves, hats and cloths
mamajboutique.etsy.com - handbags, jewelry, home décor
maplestreetcreations.etsy.com Fun and creative soaps, lotions, candles and more for the entire family and all friends.
marsbar35.etsy.com - (jewellry)
vintagemylove.etsy.com -(clothes and jewellry)
mjowest.etsy.com- Patterns, Vintage, Garden art- Country Goods!
mrssmeow.etsy.com - jewellery, lingerie, clothing and organza clippies
muffintopdesigns.etsy.com - sterling silver, copper and brass stacking rings & semiprecious jewelry
nativebeads.etsy.com - beads, earrings, chokers, jewelry, gourd art and natural soaps
nitelily3.etsy.com - Bags, clothing and other sewn accessories
nomsa.etsy.com - fun and chic hair accessories and jewelry
NotYourMomsVinyl.etsy.com - Pop Culture Tees and Vinyl wall decals.
OrionBotanicals.etsy.com - soy candles, reed diffusers, sachets & home fragrances
pawsintheair.etsy.com - Crocheted items, for fun and warmth, table and body.
pennyspug.etsy.com- Fun Beaded Jewelry
misspennyspapershop.etsy.com- Affordable Paper Goodness, Note Pads, Seals, Cards, Planners
PoignantProjections.etsy.com - Trinket Tins and other good stuff!
prariewindstitchery.etsy.com - Crochet accessories, housewares and much more!
purplefuzzyfeet.etsy.com - Fun notecards, dog toys, and holiday gifts all under $10
raevyn77.etsy.com - Handmade jewelry
simplyraevyn.etsy.com - Handmade seed bead jewelry
peculiarparchment.etsy.com - Handmade cards and tags
Randumosity.Etsy.com - Fun & Unique Cloth Womens Products, Bags & Accessories
ravenbrook.etsy.com - jewelry, tote bags and baby gifts
readingbunky.etsy.com - stocking stuffers and more!
redrobinpretties.etsy.com - charms and findings
magymai711.etsy.com - vintage image cds and jewelry
RockyMtBeader.etsy.com - Jewelry, Beaded Ornaments, Ceramic Coasters, Loose Beads and More
ShoreDebris.etsy.com - Beach-themed jewelry and home décor
somethingolde.etsy.com - vintage jewelry, household and more
sparklegarden.etsy.com - handcrafted sterling and gemstone and personalized jewelry
twigandfeather.etsy.com - handmade housewares
spinalfusion.etsy.com~eclectic array of handmade goods, jewelry and accessories
splurge.etsy.com - simple and modern jewelry
stephaniesjewelrybox.etsy.com - handmade jewelry for all styles of people from vintage to funky
SugarChills.etsy.com - natural body care
Sugirons.etsy.com - cloth menstrual pads, nursing pads, baby quilts, diaper bags and more!
sunflowertouch.etsy.com..accessory heaven.
sunshinespeckles.etsy.com - handmade cards and gift tags featuring hand carved stamp designs
suppliez.etsy.com - scrapbook, jewelrymaking and crafting supplies
SuzanneDesigns.etsy.com - Sassy purses, tees, pet collars and accessories crafted from vintage neckties!
TattooAnnie.etsy.com - vintage inspired jewelry, cozy knits, geekery and kawaii goods
terrabellaaccents.etsy.com - jewelry, accesories, pine neddle baskets, keepsake boxes
The3Maries.etsy.com - vintage books, collectibles, pottery, and clothing,
CreatedByThe3Maries.etsy.com - original art, crafts, sewn items, fabric, and supplies
CharmingMittens.etsy.com - Photographic Tendencies and Fine Prints
thegirlyplace.etsy.com - Girly accessories, tutus and more!
ruascrapper.etsy.com - Paper goodness.
tailsnsnails.etsy.com - The boy shop
ThePaperElement.etsy.com Paper art, origami, and other delights
thisisit.etsy.com - ecofriendly journals, notepads, jewelry, and cards
qualitycraftsupplies.etsy.com - recycled sterling silver wire and handmade paper
thoughtfulexpression.etsy.com - jewelry, photography, destash and more!
tootsweethandbags.etsy.com - Fab Handbags and Fun Accessories
TracyDesigns.etsy.com - wristlet keychains, quilted bags, hot pads, table runners, coasters, awareness items and more
Uneek4U.etsy.com - jewelry, children's items, paper products
victoriantimes.etsy.com - vintage, destash, and recreated items. (Regency & Civil War era items)
VintageLoveHeart.etsy.com..treasures for fashion followers and collectors
WhimsicalTransformation.etsy.com-making treasures from trash!
Shellrifficheirlooms.etsy.com- decorated eggs,gourds,seashell and more!
YourTime.etsy.com - Wire Wrapped Jewelry, Vintage and Supplies
YourTimeBodyTreats.etsy.com - Bath and Body Products
Friday, October 30, 2009


I love the tradeaholics! I just did some fab trades with a few of my friends from our group! I got some gifts but can't post the shops because I don't want these people to know!...

So I got this great necklace from Sparkle Garden

I got apple butter, pumpkin butter and mixed berry jam from First Fruit & Flynn Orchard

Got this great mug from alexmmr

Got these great pendants from artrageous clay

And this isn't everything I got, but I just didn't want to make this post a mile long! More to come later!
Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Craft Fairs / Festivals

I was finally able to attend my first festival October 1-4 this year. I was nervous and excited and had no idea what to expect. Where I live people are more into primitive, country style items and I was scared I would be too "modern" for this audience! I definitely got some mixed reviews! Some people loved my work and said I charged too little while others literally would gasp in front of me and roll their eyes when I would tell them my prices. All in all though, I think I did pretty well. And if I say so myself, I think my booth looked adorable!

Here are some tips for you first timers:
  • Bring $1s
  • Bring a calculator and receipts (good for customers and lets you know what and how much you sold)
  • Bring too many business cards (I ran out, how embarrassing!)
  • Bring bags, small and large!
  • Bring water to keep hydrated and food in case you can't leave the booth
  • Bring some stuff you can work on at the fair - keeps you busy, gets customers curious and lets you make more inventory!
  • Make friends with the people next to you so you can take a potty break and can have them watch your booth for you
  • Bring a variety of items, you never know what people will be interested in!
  • Vary your display height. Keep things interesting to get people into your booth!
  • Dress in layers. You never know when you'll be hot or cold!
  • Don't get discouraged by the people who snob handmade! I've had people literally gasp at me when I would tell them my prices because 2 booths over a lady was selling imported Chinese bags for half my prices. Others though loved my stuff and told me I charged to little
  • Be friendly and always talk to your customers, therefore be prepared for a sore throat after!
What do you do during or to prepare for your fairs/festivals?
Thursday, August 13, 2009

And the winner is...

Number 92! And that would be Delilah!

Thanks to all of those who participated in the giveaway! Sorry for posting this so late, but I was moving and was not able to get into blogger! Delilah already received her bag and says she loves it! Hope to see some of you again at the next giveaway!
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Testing out Fellow Estian Products

So, I adore Picnic Basket Craft's shop. I had a couple items custom formulated for my skin and let me tell you, they are my favorite products to date. They are also affordable for a college student like me!

She sometimes has people try out items that she's planning to put in her shop. I always volunteer, as I love to try out new products that I could see myself potentially buying. It's great because I can test out the product for her and see for myself if it works the way I'd like it to before I commit to buying. (I also just want to say I really appreciate her sending out these samples for all her testers - postage isn't cheap these days!)

I tried out a cream for her about a month ago and the latest is a solid laundry stain bar. It is made of just a few all natural ingredients, which is what I'm aiming for in my home. I do not have any kids so I don't have grass stains or food stains, but I do have grease and 'mystery' stains that somehow appear on my clothing. I tried the stain remover on two of my tops that have become sleeping shirts because they had two mystery grease/oil stains on them (probably from cooking.) One of the shirts, the stain came completely out. The second shirt's stain is not as visible, but it's still partially there. I think I'm going to treat it again and see if it completely disappears this time.

All in all, I think this is a great product. Other stain removers (commercial) obviously didn't take these stains out nor did my regular detergent so for an all natural one to get it out is saying something! I am slowly but surely switching all my cleaners to natural, and this will definitely be something that I'll be adding to the regime.

EDIT: I laundered the one shirt where the stain was still slightly visible again and the stain came completely out. And the same day that I wrote this post, I got butter on one of my shirts while baking. I applied the stain bar and laundered it as usual and the stain came completely out!
Monday, July 20, 2009

The Lucja Day Bag Giveaway!

I've participated in many giveaways this summer, and although I have not won a thing, I think it's still nice to give back! So now you, my lovely blog readers, will have a chance to win the wonderful Lucja Day Bag! This bag is made from Michael Miller fabric, lined in black cotton, interfaced with heavyweight interfacing and closes with a magnetic snap. It's a great bag for day/night transitions. Here is how to enter:
  • Leave a comment about a like and/or dislike about my shop or a particular item in my shop.
  • Remember to leave your email address or some way for me to contact you if you win!
To get bonus entries you can do one or more of the following:
  • Add yourself as a facebook fan and post another comment saying that you did
  • Follow me on twitter and post another comment with your user name
  • Tweet about this post with @nitelily3 and post another comment saying that you did
  • Blog about this post and post another comment with the link of the post
  • Heart my shop on etsy and leave a comment with your username
This is open to anyone in the world :) I how how much it sucked to be abroad and not be able to enter contests! The giveaway ends July 27th and a winner will be chosen by a random number generator.
Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sample Sales and Clearance

Maybe you've wondered what sample sales were and if clearance means the item is bad/defective/etc. Maybe you know exactly what it is and take a jump at the great deals you can find! Either way, I'll explain what each is and what they entail.

Sample sales are usually with clothing, shoes and accessories. They are when a designer makes one or two of a particular item and sells them at a deeply discounted price because they were the 'firsts' that were made. They usually do not have blemishes or anything of the sort, they were just made and the creator decides that they want to change the design a bit or improve on something. That is the case with me. Sometimes I'll make something and decide that I want it a little bigger or smaller, to add or take out a snap or to add more interfacing in some places. That's what happened with the July Day Bag and the Dorota Bag.

Clearance is when something has been around a little bit in a shop or a whole new style of that item came out and the designer wants to get rid of it quickly to make room for the new version. It's not that it's bad, just that a pocket that may have trademarked an item was moved and now it is the new style of the season like my Jane All Day Tote.

My advice is if you see Sample Sale or Clearance anywhere, go shop there first! You could find exactly what you are looking for at great prices!
Thursday, June 11, 2009

A real business?

I have finished one online class and am now on my second one. Got an A in the first class, but this second one, the professor seems to be a stickler. But we'll see...

So, I really need to get my business going and start marketing and promoting it. I have to write a real business plan and get things in gear. I'd love it if I could have a steady source of income, even if it wouldn't be enough to pay the bills, but at least pay for my etsy addiction lol. Anyone have advice on this or some tips? I have the summer to do this, so it'd really be the perfect time to get the ball rolling for real!
Friday, May 22, 2009

Blog Giveaways!

There are so many blog giveaways this summer...

One is here: http://jennalou.typepad.com/jenna_lou_loves_you/2009/05/free-fabric-giveaway-amy-butlers-midwest-modern.html

I love reading jennalous's blog and looking at her new bags... there was this one messenger style bag with scooters on them that I just adore! Good luck to all who enter!
Thursday, May 21, 2009

School's [not] out for summer!

Although the official school year is out, I'm still taking two summer courses so that I can graduate on time and not have to take 18 credits a semester.

I'm in VA, but still can't find a summer job... though I guess being home and having dinner and dessert made for when Shane gets home is not bad at all, I feel so guilty not working. I applied for about 10 jobs here in VA beach, but no luck, so now i'm going to be going out to a mall and see if I can get anything there.

I have been doing a little bit of sewing so expect to see some new stuff in the shop as well!
Friday, April 17, 2009

Being poor sucks!

So, being back in the US for a few months now, I finally had to buy a car. You need a car here... it's not like in Europe where you can take a tram/bus/walk to where ever you need to go. So Last week I finally bought one... a 2008 Scion tc. And I love it. But now I'm in debt to my parents (they were pretty awesome of loaning me a butt load of money!)

And then I decided, since I have a car, and am 23, I want my own apartment. I convinced my parents of this and then they actually thought it was a good idea lol. So yesterday I signed the lease to my first apartment (and by first, I mean, I'll be the only one living there.) So now I have visions of decorating, sewing up a storm and shopping my heart out at target and other places that have awesome home stuff. I wish Ikea was closer!

So because of this car and apartment (had to put a deposit on the apartment and borrow money from my parents), and my student loans, I am one of the poorest (but some how well off) people I know. Because of this.... I have been going trade crazy on Etsy. I will be shipping out all the stuff people traded me for today, and I can't wait to get all my stuff! Trading is such an awesome thing to do when you need retail therapy but don't have the money for it! When I get all my stuff in, I shall post pictures! Now stop reading this and go trade!
Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm still here!

I know, I know... I have not been updating my blog. School got incredibly busy and it just gets put on the back burner. I promise though, this summer I shall be updating more often and posting some new goodies in my shop. I will also be taking more custom orders.

This summer I will be taking two classes and working, so things will also be busy, I will make sure I have time for some sewing. Next semester I have 3 clinicals to go teach in schools so I will probably be just as exhausted, if not more, than I am now. But I will definitely try my best to keep my blog and shop updated. I will also be getting my own apartment this fall, so towards the end of the summer I will be busy moving and getting settled in before school.

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