Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Testing out Fellow Estian Products

So, I adore Picnic Basket Craft's shop. I had a couple items custom formulated for my skin and let me tell you, they are my favorite products to date. They are also affordable for a college student like me!

She sometimes has people try out items that she's planning to put in her shop. I always volunteer, as I love to try out new products that I could see myself potentially buying. It's great because I can test out the product for her and see for myself if it works the way I'd like it to before I commit to buying. (I also just want to say I really appreciate her sending out these samples for all her testers - postage isn't cheap these days!)

I tried out a cream for her about a month ago and the latest is a solid laundry stain bar. It is made of just a few all natural ingredients, which is what I'm aiming for in my home. I do not have any kids so I don't have grass stains or food stains, but I do have grease and 'mystery' stains that somehow appear on my clothing. I tried the stain remover on two of my tops that have become sleeping shirts because they had two mystery grease/oil stains on them (probably from cooking.) One of the shirts, the stain came completely out. The second shirt's stain is not as visible, but it's still partially there. I think I'm going to treat it again and see if it completely disappears this time.

All in all, I think this is a great product. Other stain removers (commercial) obviously didn't take these stains out nor did my regular detergent so for an all natural one to get it out is saying something! I am slowly but surely switching all my cleaners to natural, and this will definitely be something that I'll be adding to the regime.

EDIT: I laundered the one shirt where the stain was still slightly visible again and the stain came completely out. And the same day that I wrote this post, I got butter on one of my shirts while baking. I applied the stain bar and laundered it as usual and the stain came completely out!


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