Friday, April 17, 2009

Being poor sucks!

So, being back in the US for a few months now, I finally had to buy a car. You need a car here... it's not like in Europe where you can take a tram/bus/walk to where ever you need to go. So Last week I finally bought one... a 2008 Scion tc. And I love it. But now I'm in debt to my parents (they were pretty awesome of loaning me a butt load of money!)

And then I decided, since I have a car, and am 23, I want my own apartment. I convinced my parents of this and then they actually thought it was a good idea lol. So yesterday I signed the lease to my first apartment (and by first, I mean, I'll be the only one living there.) So now I have visions of decorating, sewing up a storm and shopping my heart out at target and other places that have awesome home stuff. I wish Ikea was closer!

So because of this car and apartment (had to put a deposit on the apartment and borrow money from my parents), and my student loans, I am one of the poorest (but some how well off) people I know. Because of this.... I have been going trade crazy on Etsy. I will be shipping out all the stuff people traded me for today, and I can't wait to get all my stuff! Trading is such an awesome thing to do when you need retail therapy but don't have the money for it! When I get all my stuff in, I shall post pictures! Now stop reading this and go trade!


Dazzled Beader Designs said...

Yeah. Aren't parents awesome though. Congrats on getting your first apartment.

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