Sunday, January 10, 2010

Out of the Box Sampler

I love handmade items and I also love samplers. There are many sampling boxes out there, and I have tried many of them, though I have to say the Out Of The Box sampler is my absolute favorite. A lot of samplers that I have purchased have super high shipping on top of the already high price for a box of samples. Then you get the box and half of the stuff is great, things I would use, but the other half is all crap. And by crap, I mean total and useless crap. Sometimes I feel that people put in their worst items or destash items that don't even represent their shop but they put it in to get 'exposure.' Sorry, but if you submit some crap to a sampler, I not only will not visit your shop, but I really avoid that shop at all costs. If this is the way you promote, why should I even want to visit your shop, as I assume your customer service is just as crappy!

Anyway, back to the OOTB Sampler... I've been getting this box every month since maybe October or November and every month I am super happy with everything inside. There are always soaps, candles, tarts, paper goods, food (yum!) and other surprises that change monthly. Honestly, we all use soap, we all eat and most of us burn candles/tarts so really, how disappointed can you be when these things are ALWAYS in the box?! Some people who put things into the box also supply full size products which is always an awesome thing to get. In every box there is also a letter with all the shops that participated and discounts for certain shops. Not only are you able to try products, but you can get a discount when you go to purchase the full size product!

I love this sampler so much that I signed up for a subscription that was offered for 4 months this year. I'm super excited about it and just received the first box of the year! I had so many soaps, candles, tarts, foods and other goodies I was thrilled. I even took a picture of some of the stuff that was inside (sorry, not all of it was there as I got a little hungry lol). Not only does the sampler make a great gift itself, the items inside are also great for small gifts or 'stocking stuffers!' If this sounds like something you'd like to try, go check it out and get a box for your self!


Beads Blooms Beyond said...

Thanks for letting us know you like it, my mom is actually going to be partaking in the sampler boxes with them coming up :o)

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