Monday, May 28, 2012

Roundup & Goals

The SMS giveaway is over and Karrie S. and Melissa P. are the two lucky winners! Congrats!

Our garden is finally planted and our veggies are sprouting.  Some raccoons got into our carrots and a single tomato plant - any suggestions on how to keep them out and away?
(Our chickens ended up dust bathing in one of our garden boxes...we've put a fence around everything since then)

The school year is officially over and I get to work on some fun projects that I've been wanting to do all year but never had the time.  Pinterest surely hasn't helped with keeping those projects in check; in fact, 95% of what I want to do has come from pinterest.

(one of the dresses that acts as inspiration for summer sewing!)

Some of my (personal) crafting goals for the next week or two:
  1. Hem/take in some clothing that have been sitting in my craft room for a year.  Literally, a year.
  2. Make a tank dress like this or this or even this.
  3. When I saw this ruffled duvet cover I instantly fell in love.  Definitely want to make it, though it will probably take all summer! 
  4. Make little man shoes and tie for a friend's baby shower.
  5.  Finish kitchen tea towels and post tutorial for them and dying fabric in an HE washer.
  6. Move all bookmarks to pinterest for easier viewing 
  7. Sand and spray down a vintage bowl flower I bought at a craft fair - pictures to come later
 What are your crafting goals for the next week or two?


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