Thursday, September 27, 2007


Lately I haven't had any inspiration until I talked to my Etsy soul mate, Lynnette (from & and she got me back to sewing. I am changing it up a bit and making reverseable aprons, wine gift bags, and reusable shopping bags. I will have them listed in my store soon!

Now to talk about one of my favorite artists on etsy, LaMaga, - She has beautiful & very original pieces of art. In fact I bought two pieces from her and hopefully i'll go to Ikea today and buy some picture frames for them!

My Baobab

Magical Forrest
I also have an original painting by Ali J. from She has a very unique style and I absolutely love her girls! I hope that I will be able to buy a few more originals from her before she becomes too famous and I won't be able to afford anything any more!
Sleeping Bird

That's all for now! Hopefully i'll find some pretty frames at Ikea!


JennyBunnyEtsy said...

Very cool prints!

I want to see pics of your Ikea... I wonder if it's anything like my Ikea. I'm weird..... o_O

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