Thursday, March 6, 2008

Morgan Street Handmade Bath and Body Care

If you haven't noticed already, I am a little obsessed with natural bath and body care. In December I emailed Sharon asking her if I could purchase some smaller sized versions of her products because I am always weary to buy full versions of things and then find out that I hate them. I ordered from Morgan Street a full sized pumpkin spice whipped body butter and her cuticle balm and Sharon was kind enough to give me generous samples of her soaps, body scrub, foot scrub, foot soak, and foot salve - much more than I was expecting, and all included with my purchase for free for me to try out!

I was more than excited when I got to use her products, but to be honest, I was expecting the same stuff that I've tried out there before. The first thing that I tried out was the black raspberry vanilla body scrub. This was honestly the first scrub that I've tried that I would have to say was perfect - not too oily that you felt like you dumped a bucket of oil on you but just moisturizing enough that you honestly don't even need to use a cream afterwards.

The next thing that I did was give myself a mini pedicure where I used the foot soak, foot scrub and foot salve. This was really the best combination of products for my feet that I have ever had - I would have to say it was at the same level as what a spa would have, just at a fraction of the cost. My feet are still smooth and and look great even during this cold winter season drying out my skin.

I honestly fell in love with all of Sharon's products and I most definitely will be back again, but this time with a huge order with one of everything (well almost ;) )


earmark said...

lovely blog nitelily! i love morgan street!

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