Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Second Tutorial - Coasters

So after I made my first tutorial I couldn't help but make a second. I kept thinking about it all week and decided to make a simple project of coasters but with a ric rac trim. I think they came out pretty well and will be listing the set I made in my shop sometime this week. The tutorial is for sale for $6 USD. I like how they came out - I'm keeping one of them for myself for my desk. The good thing about living in a student apartment and having only one room to yourself is that the only place that you could use a coaster is on your desk ;)

Although these tutorials are both for sale, I want to make a free tutorial to post here on my blog, but one that isn't too long. Something simple, but useful. Do you have any requests or things you'd like to learn how to make? Let me know!


Callooh Callay said...

These are very cute! Not sure I have any ideas...a cuff maybe? or simple headband?

Meghan said...

Good ideas! Thanks - I'll probably do that!!

Ana Rosa said...

hi!! I just need to contact but I ca´'t at this moment cause my Etsy account is muted...
do you have an emaik so I can convo you for the EST blog and the
the EST shop catalogue?
my email

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