Monday, October 27, 2008

A Showcase of Exclusive Handmade Goods!

Yes, I'm finally having a show since the craft fair season is coming to a halt and holiday shopping season is about to start! I met Beth from Pepper Pod Designs and we instantly clicked. After convoing for a bit via Etsy, we decided to meet. Upon that first meeting we already had the idea of a home show floating around in our heads! And this was only one month ago!

We already planned everything, handed out invitations, and are doing last minute crafting in time for our show on November 1st. We are both a bit apprehensive about this because it is a first for the both of us, but this will be an easier way (I think) to prepare for future shows at large craft fairs. We have raffles planned, food, drinks and of course jewelry from Beth and all the sewn good from me.

I still feel like what I have won't be enough for the show, but with less than a week and counting (not to mention school!) I don't have much time to get many more things done! Hopefully I'm just stressing over nothing, and the show turns out wonderful with lots of sales...


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