Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quite Unique, My Experience

After being featured on Heartsy I felt that I could handle being featured on another site and receive an influx of order. I contacted Quite Unique and they said they would like to feature me in a Pop Up Shop rather than their daily feature.

The difference between a Pop Up Show and their Daily Feature? Pop Up Shops are for those who have one of a kind or limited supply items are are featured for ~5 days. Because I use vintage components in my jewelry I was not able to mass produce any one of my items. Daily Features are better suited for those who can make multiples of one item, i.e. soap, earrings, art prints etc. and are only featured for one day.

After Chris (the buyer) approved what I wanted to feature he asked for a description of each item, the retail price and how much shipping would cost. For Pop Up Shops you do not send in any of your merchandise; rather you act like a drop ship service. Quite Unique takes the orders, makes the invoices and then sends you all the information. I then would pack everything up, print my labels and then send them back the tracking numbers.

After each day (once the tracking numbers were generated & emailed back to them) I would receive payment via PayPal. I would receive all the money plus shipping costs minus 30% commission that they took. Payment was extremely prompt, within hours of sending the tracking info back.

It did not generate as many sales as Heartsy did, but at the same time I only had 6 different items to choose from. Also, they do not link to your shop so you will not get traffic that way. Hopefully now that everyone has received their items they will come back to my shop (I included business cards with each order) and shop for more stuff!

I would definitely recommend Quite Unique, especially for those who have not done Heartsy yet. It's a lot smoother process and you will only be bombarded with as many orders as the number of items you decide to sell!


Aerides Designs said...

Very helpful, I saw you on there and was interested to see what you thought!

daynalouise said...

Great blog!! I am considering a deal with them right now and this is an encouraging experience.

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