Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heartsy, Revisited.

So, I did end up having my jewelry featured on Heartsy on April 6th. I wanted to write one last blog post about it comparing it to my first experience. Sorry about the long delay but right after my feature I got sick (for about 2.5 weeks!) and then was featured on Quite Unique (it's a cool site like heartsy except you don't discount your stuff, but they take 30% commission.)

Anyway, back to my jewelry heartsy deal. It was $19 for $40, so a lower percentage than my sewing stuff. I ended up selling 43 vouchers (compared to 25 with my sewing). Most people ended up buying over the voucher amount and in the end I made *slightly* less than if I sold my items for retail!

Shop stats for April 6th only (my feature date, though I did have increased stats the day after as well):
Shop hearts: 18
Item hearts: (will post later, craftcult is down)
Visits: 1,437
Pageviews: 9,851
Pages/visit: 6.86
Bounce rate: 26.10%
Avg. time on site: 00:03:26

For me, my stats were awesome. Though I have to say that heartsy fudged up again by telling me I would be featured on March 30th, then they changed it to April 4th and then finally April 6th. I have also heard others complain about having their feature dates shifting. Hopefully they aren't doing this anymore, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

As of today, April 27th I have had 22/25 sewing vouchers (from my March 11th feature) redeemed and 35/43 jewelry vouchers (from the April 6th feature) redeemed.

By the time I was featured for the second time they added one other person to their team (from two to three) and recently I found out they have a 4th team member. Hopefully this is keeping them more on track.

I can say though, the Heartsy team *is* looking to improve themselves. After my feature they asked me if I had any questions/comments/suggestions. Hopefully the suggestions I gave them will be implemented soon.

If you have any other questions or comments that you think I could answer for you, feel free to contact me via my comments or email (on my profile).


tee said...

hi! a question, do you think it was worth it to give away so much? have you seen increases without the vouchers? thanx, tee

Meghan said...


If your pricing structure is right, you aren't 'giving' your items away. It's similar to wholesaling except you have to ship to multiple people and deal with etsy fees. I feel that it was totally worth it with my jewelry but not with my sewing. Just depends on what you make & your pricing!

GloriasJewelryBox said...

Thanks for such a thorough review. This is so helpful.

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